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How The Music Gets On The Air

I have been asked by many people of how you get the music on the air. Well being I am at the computer most of the time when I'm home does not mean that I play records here 24/7. I would drink about a million cups of strong coffee be slightly exhausted if that happens after 10 years on the air. So here is a brief explanation of what is done to bring the music to the web and have it run smoothly.


We have several ways to get the music​. CDs, LPs and the internet supply us for the music. Here you see and LP being recorded on one of our two turntables here.


The music is equalized and mixed through the Numark PPD DM1750RM mixer.

Sound Editor

The music is recorded to a .WAV file through one of our two sound editors here. We record all the songs we need for the project into one file on Cool Edit 2000 Sound Editor pictured here. Later on I use Adobe Audition.

Noise Removal

I said we use two sound editors becuase one does a better job than the other one. So for removing any clicks and pops from the records Cool Edit 2000 is my method of choice. Later on I purchased Adobe Audition 2020 for editing and the production of The Oldies Collection Top 40 Countdown show,

Sound Editor #2

Here is our second sound editor at work, the Roxio NXT editor. This will separate the file into recorded tracks. This works great when recording an entire album without having to manually locate the beginning and ending of each track. Roxio will do it for you. Then I can add the data need for the files like song titles, artists, etc. Also I can mix multiple tracks like jingles, bumpers and the like. Then all the tracks are then converted into MP3 files at 128kbps. This is all done on the Roxio

Upload to Live 365 servers

Here is a screenshot of my stations playlist. Here I can convert (to FM quality) and upload all the music. Then I drag and and drop songs to individual playlists. The Oldies Collection pays a fee for rental of server space and it is not cheap. We had a choice to do a show live and not pay the fees, but it does tie down my equipment and I had experienced occasional drops in the statons signal due to my wireless devices. The server is 99.9% reliable.

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