THE OLDIES COLLECTION - Music & Memories from the 50s thru the 80s on
For over 7 years I have produced a weekly top 40 countdown show called "The Oldies Collection Top 40 Countdown"  The show counts down the 40 biggest hits from the matching calendar week we are in and places a year in retrospective. The show airs on this station Sunday at 9:00 A.M. (New York time) and a repeat later in the afternoon at 5 P.M.  

Here are some upcoming new shows:

8/4/2019 -- 8/1/1964
8/11/2019 -- 8/10/1974 (Top 40 Soul)
8/18/2019 -- 8/20/1983
8/25/2019 -- 8/22/1960

Also if you had an event (birthday, wedding, etc.) Let me know  and I'll do a countdown for that week.  Let me know a good six weeks in advance so I can schedule a show.
Thanks for listening.
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